Saturday, May 31, 2008

What, Did I Jinx Myself?

We were even gonna go on a date tonight and see the geezer Indy movie in the theatre. Instead I woke up this morning with a raging UTI. If you don't know what UTI means, I hate your life. And I had to get up because this morning was John's Diabetes TourdeCure ride, so I had to watch baby. She slept a lot which was great because I was exhausted and weak from this sudden infection. Well, I say sudden, but the doctor says it's probably been building a while. But I felt terrible when I absolutely positively had to put Lily in the crib to go pee and then it took forever cuz it hurt so much and she was crying and wanting out of the crib jail.

Then of course I get to take myself into urgent care because the other option is bring everyone and that's just more stressful. No coddling sick Mommy. So I took myself. Then I was an eejit trying to get out of the parking ramp. I'm sure the person behind me thought they'd never get out because I couldn't follow instructions. Doy.

So of course I have to take Cipro, the big monster killer antibiotic. Luckily the doctor was a woman and when I told I needed Percoset for pain for the last yeast infection I had, and I could write her a guarantee I'd get a yeast infection from these antibiotics, she prescribed anti-yeast meds at the same time. Bless her. Instead of "Well, let's deal with that if it happens."

John was gone when I got home from the drugstore, I think he's out walking the babies, both Lily and the fuzzy one. So I fixed myself some food in my stupor--a bowl of cereal--so that I can take all these pills.

I've heard that you're sick the first year of your baby's life, but come on! I mean, I expected colds, not this stuff. This is major. I'm weak. I need to go lie down. I'm a little scared, too, because the Topomax I'm taking as a preventive for migraines (which it doesn't seem to be doing much of) can cause kidney stones...that's all I need. Pain worse than birth.

It's such a nice summer day outside, and I'm sick. Poo. I just want to roll up in a ball and sleep. I'm glad Johnny got the babies out.

Time for Delight

Even with a raging headache this week, I was able to laugh (once i took my meds and lied down for a few hours) at Lily, who decided to do her raspberry noises for like an hour straight when we were trying to watch TV and eat dinner. It was not to be. And she's so thrilled with herself about it, being able to make this noise! It's like Horton hears a who, she's a little Who and she can suddenly make a big noise.

And I love how she finds new things funny. I got a mouse pad for my computer with her picture on it and the first time she saw it she just laughed, she thought it was so funny. She had to pick it up and turn it over and and around and wonder at the silliness of it.

Today I had a 7up with a straw in it and she giggled at the straw and flicked it so it got 7up all over my face. Goof.

With Nora, our Mother's Helper, I've had time time to work on a couple things for Lily, like putting pictures in a toy of me and John and Cocoa, and then a bunch of family pictures all over this box she likes to push around in the front porch.

I even vacuumed the rugs where she plays the other day. I think we are going to get some of those FLOR rugs and construct our own weird shape to make a path of through the house of where baby crawls most. Should be fun, actually.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mother's Helper

Thursday was also my first day with my Mother's Helper, Nora, Sharon's daughter. I love her already, she's calm and patient and very sweet with Lily. And didn't take it personally when Lily wasn't ready for me to leave the room yet. I didn't get a whole lot done yet, but it felt great to be started getting help.

Lily's First Ear Infection

Aw, po baby. She had a fever Thursday and it got up to 102.2 and she'd been snorky all day so we went in to the doctor and they said, yup, ear infection. Funny, I wouldn't have guessed it. I thought she would have been pulling her ears but the doc said all the snot is a better predictor than pulling the ears, that studies have shown ear-pulling can mean anything. Future comedian? (Carol Burnett). Anyhow, she's been a little trooper. We have to put saline drops in her nose and then suck out the boogers so she can breathe, esp. before we feed her, and especially in the morning. This morning John just held her in the bathroom while I took a shower and got the bathroom all steamy and humid. And she gets some liquid antibiotics. Pink flavor. Smells like Pepto Bismol to me, Bubble Gum to John. I don't think his smeller works very well.

So I don't think we're going anywhere out this weekend, just staying home and snuggling da baby.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mama Goes to Bed Now

Blog guilt is a terrible thing. But I can't tell you everything now! I have to go rest up for tomorrow's daily baby marathon. Actually tomorrow I have a mother's helper coming for 3 hours and I amd soooooo looking forward to it. I'll be able to start clearing away the rubble in the house, it looks like a collapsed mine shaft right now.

And projects.
  • Like Mom's belated Mother's Day present that I'm making.
  • My Chinese New year pages for which I need to carve a dog stamp and maybe a monkey stamp
  • Childproof the house
  • laundry
  • charms for the BBA group due at the end of June??
  • make more art pieces for my Etsy store, which are actually selling!
  • finish the nap pillow for Lily that I started when I was pregnant
  • finish the quilt I started before I was pregnant
  • finish the other easy quilt I was too slow to finish at the sewing conference so I know how to do a ragged edge quilt
  • clean out my desk
  • organize and label every bin and box in my supply closet in my craft room
  • make more dolls
  • keep my blogs updated
  • make simple toys for Lily that the ECFE teacher suggested
  • and so on...

The Best of Times

The best times were feeding times. Here's my Mom feeding Lily. And everyone else sitting around the table being entertained by the spectacle, because she is so fun to watch eat. She's so happy. That's when she was happiest. It was just the rest of the time that I, Mom, was not allowed to be 2 seconds out of her sight or the wailing would begin. I got three showers that week, I think. Not much sleep. Not much outing, besides a trip to Archie McPhee, and one walk to the ocean with Lily, Wendy, Kathy, and crazy dog Zoey. We did make it all the way to the ocean, though, and that was my goal, for Lily to see the ocean. And me, I wanted to see it, I miss it.

Northworst Airlines

Stinks. Stinks. Stinks. Especially towards Moms with kids. Don't expect to be treated like anything better than filth. Even in first class.