Monday, February 14, 2011

The Fabulous Sleepover of January 2011

Lily's first sleepover went so fabulous I don't know if we'll ever be able to top it.  But what a great first experience of sleepovers, and a wonderful memory to have. 

Tegan and her Mom came over Saturday afternoon, after the morning swim class that both girls are in. The girls played for several hours together, had lunch, then we all went to the Maul together (Mall of America) on the train, which is really fun, especially with two curious kids.  We went to a movie theatre there and while John and I had a mini-date watching True Grit (fun but not all that), the girls and Jeri Kay saw Tangled across the hall from us.  They did wonderful, having a potty run right before the movie started and then both sitting in her lap a few minutes after the movie started.  Jeri Kay loved snuggling the kiddos and we had a fun break watching something a little more adult than Curious George.  I was going to say a little more sophisticated, but then Curious George can be pretty sophisticated in its concepts sometimes, teaching math and science.

After the movie John and I went to the newly expanded Lego store and I bought a grab bag of Legos, which I haven't played with yet.  I will have to take pictures of whatever I do create when I play with them.  Then I'll post them here.  Or on my art blog, depending on how arty they turn out. :)

We then met the gang at Barnes and Ignoble, and spent probably close to two hours there.  They have a fun kids' section with a stage and little tables to sit at.  Lily was totally focused on the books, and sat looking through book after book on her own.  Tegan was more into running around and having John chase her.  It was great fun.  We found a few books, including one called Oliver, about an elephant, written by the same author (Syd Hoff) as did Sammy the Seal and Danny and the Dinosaur, which I still have from when I was a kid (big kudos to Mom and Dad for saving all our books!). I was so excited to find a book by this favorite author that we hadn't read yet.  You can never have too many books.

Then we went home on the train and sang to keep warm on our walk back to the house (it's about four blocks).  Tegan rode on Jeri Kay's shoulders and Lily rode on John's, while I held the bags of our new books.

When we got home, I suggested the girls might want to take a bath to warm up. 

They thought was a fun idea.  And I think it softened them up a little for bedtime, which was easy peasy.  Although we had gotten Lily a sleeping bag for the sleepover, she slept with us and Tegan slept with her Mom, so I think it will probably be a while yet before we have the all-night giggle fest type of sleepover.

The next morning, John made us a breakfast of pancakes and fakon (meatless bacon), and the girls dressed for church in Lily's tights and dresses.  I love that they can wear each other's clothes.  And aren't the tights fun?

At church, they were very good during Mass.  In fact, they were adorable.

I snuck this shot with my flash off so I wouldn't disturb anyone. 

After Mass, Jeri Kay took us to lunch at Pizza Luce, which was delicious.  They have a gluten-free menu!!  The potato pizza is really yummers.

They had temporary tattoos, so Lily and Tegan and I all put one on. 

And that was about it.  We parted ways after lunch and went home for a nap.  More than 24 hours together, and it was all fun and games (contrary to that saying, you know, "it's not all fun and games.").  Not one fight, no meltdowns.  Good sharing.  Happy playing.  Sweetness.  I am going to remember this sleepover for a long, long time.  Forever.  And I'll tell Lily the story of her first sleepover again and again.

Painting Pals

A couple weeks ago, Tegan came over and the girls decided to paint together.  Sometimes they painted on the same page, even. Lily is wearing a paint shirt (one of Dad's old t-shirts) and yet she still managed to get paint on her feet, the floor, and the couch.  Funny monkey.  It's okay. 

On a Sweeter Note

Here's my sweetie playing being a bear.  Rawr!

I wish I could record her every word sometimes.  Last night she said to me: "Mom, I need that chair [the one I was sitting in] because I need to sit down because my butt is tired from standing."  Hee hee.

I Hate Valentine's Day

Not because it's a Hallmark holiday, I'm fine with that. I love chocolate and cards and flowers. But it's just a bad time for me. We lost our first baby to a miscarraige on Feb. 17, 2003. Seven years ago, and every year I get weepy and emotional around this time. Everything that's happening now gets blown out of proportion. 

This morning I had Lily all ready for school, and I went to get her jacket and came back and she was standing in the kitchen watching the floor, as she proceeded to pee through her clothes, including her one pair of snow pants that she needs to play outside at school.

I got really mad and then she started crying and I felt terrible.  I almost started crying while I was driving her to school.  And I'm thinking "What is wrong with me?" Then I realized, oh yeah, it's Miranda.  That's the name of our baby who died. 

I just can't control it.  Even if I'm not thinking about it, in fact, usually when I'm not thinking about it, it's like my body reacts and pulls me down into sadness.

It doesn't help that it's the icky part of winter when I'm suddenly getting really sick of it.

On Valentine's Day 2003 or thereabouts, we went to a fantastic, funny play and I felt so happy and light.  Then a couple days later the world came crashing down.  So excuse me if I hate Valentine's Day as a reminder of loss, a reminder of how fragile happiness can be.

Maybe I'll be able to reframe it as Lily gets older and we do fun things together for Valentine's Day.  This is really the first year she's been aware of it, and both John and I got her cards, and she's exchanging Valentines in school today.  I just hope I didn't ruin her day with my anger over the pee on the floor.  Probably not.  She's more resilient than I am.