Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fawn Doe Rosa

This is what I did a few days after I got back from Mom's--went to pet animals at this cool wildlife education park called Fawn Doe Rosa in St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin, about an hour and a half outside the Twin Cities.  I was supposed to have a therapy appointment that day, but this seemed like better therapy.

Lily picked up the animals with no hesitation, as you can see here with this baby bunny.  She was very gentle.

Some of the animals were in cages, but even they looked pretty happy.  Look how cute this is--a fox snuggling with his stuffed toy, which I think is a lamb.  He was playing with it right before I took this picture.

Lily petting and feeding the goats, who were pretty speedy.  We bought bags of food there to feed the animals, which consisted of carrots, corn, dog chow, and milk bones.

Okay, here comes the best part:

There were tame deer walking around all over the park.  They were so beautiful, with their big eyes.  We fed this one first, and petted it, and the girls were hugging it.  It was so cute!

There were also a lot of lambs to feed and pet.  Now, you'd think that they could have the lambs outside the fence, because they're, you know, gentle lambs, right?  Wrongo!  These lambs were so dang pushy, we all called them budgie lambs, because they kept budging other lambs out of the way to get the food!!  And it was the big ones that were the worst.  They'd shove the baby lambs out of the way with their heads, it was so comical.  And yet naughty.  The girls kept running to other portions of the fence, trying to get the little lambs to run over to them first.

And lastly, a pony ride.  On a really fat pony!  Lily loved it. 

It was a great day of fun with my girls (Lily, Tegan, and Jeri Kay).

My Superpowers

This is my arm, as of yesterday.  I fell down the stairs while I was carrying Lily, because a certain dog was on the landing and I didn't see her.  Because of my Mom superpowers, I did not fall all the way down, and Lily was unhurt, and I didn't break anything.  But I have these horrible bruises on my arm, from where I hit the wall and the wrought iron railing.  Squish!  It looks really awful, and yeah, it hurts. But then I have to think that it could have been a lot worse.  Thank God for those superpowers that make your body do everything possible in order not to drop or hurt your child.