Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mobile Baby

I apologize to the five people who read this, I haven't been keeping up. Lily has suddenly become mobile, zippity-zooming acrossing the room, and we haven't had time to baby-proof anything yet. And she's standing. Not in the middle of the room, but against furniture, and so we kind of need to be right there in case she fall down go boom. It's all pretty amazing, she's surpassing her developmental goals, so it's good. On the other hand, it's a lot of work! I think I'll be looking into getting a mother's helper when I get back from vacation to Seattle. I just can't keep up. It seems like I'm always sick. I leave for Seattle in 5 days and I had to go the urgent care tonight because I was in horrible pain and found out I have not only a yeast infection but some other vaginal infection, bacterial vaginosis. Luckily I get to take oral pills, no more suppository mess-fests. But it's just overwhelming. I need rest. I hope I can get some on vacation.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Cel Phone Destroyed by Baby Yogurt

Well, the yogurt didn't have a lid on it, and I tucked it my purse, uncovered. Dumb idea. Of course my phone found its way into the yogurt. And it died a creamy banana death. John tried to revive it but no luck. Bye bye phone. Oh, so, we had to buy a new one. Correction, new phoneS, plural. I don't know why. But I think John had fun picking them out.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lily in Church Waitin' for Holies

It was a long mass, there were lotsa babies before us, like 25. She was real good. And super cute and slippery in her dress. Which she didn't even barf on once!

Holy Babies, Batman!

At the Basilica of St. Mary on April 6th: The troupe of holies makes our way up to the altar to christen Miss Lily. Dad is holding Lily, Godmother Sue is next to him, Godfather Steve behind them, Grandparents Jack and Mary bring up the rear. Mommy is holding the camera.


I'm taking Ambien CR for sleep, and guess what? I'm not sleeping! I just feed the baby and here I am, writing. Feeling pukey. I haven't written here in a while because it's all just been a bit overwhelming.

I'm on my third winter cold/stomach thing. Winter? you say? Isn't it April? Uh, yes, that is also my query. It was snowing today and in the 30's. Two days ago we had 30mph winds and ice pellets, the day John had changed his bike tires for spring weather. He drove that day. I hibernated, crabbily.

The weather is really affecting my mood and whether and I'm getting out of the house, which is in part affected by how sick I am. I'm also on new preventive meds for my headaches, and just this week reached the goal dose so will now flatten out on that and get used to it, after a month of ramping up.

We used the last bag of frozen breast milk on Lily's 10-month birthday a couple days ago, which means my frozen stuff lasted a whole month after I quite pumping. Impressive. Say it's impressive, dammit! So I feel sad. The end of an era. An epic I never knew I'd be so big a part of for so long. Of course now I feel useless. I'm just a name, Mom, but what do I really provide? I know, shut up. Hey, I told you I need to get out more, if it would just stop frickin' snowing. Every time it warms up we race outside for a family walk and bask in the light.

So, no, I'm not sleeping well. And this stupid Ambien only seems to make me hallucinate. Not a side effect I'm fond of. Think I'll go back to the Klonipin. Meanwhile, I'm down to pumping about once every couple of days, and yesterday I stopped wearing a bra 24/7 for the first time in 10 months. No bra, no leaky pads, I felt naked. Wow, it's nice. They still get a bit sore, and that's when I know I need to pump to get some relief, but mostly I'm done with it. Phew! And I thought it would never END!!!

It's only 2 weeks until I go visit my family and I'm on my own with Lily. I hope we'll be okay with Wendy's help the first few days. I know it will be a respite but also really hard for John to be away from Lily for that long. I hope Lily can stand it, she is always so wiggly and thrilled to see him every day when he comes home from work. I hope we can enjoy that First Class seat from Uncle Mikey, what a prince!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mommy and 2 works of art

I know, lame caption, but I couldn't think of anything else. This is me at a community art event next to a piece I made, a shrine to Amelia Earhart. I carved two rubber stamps of her image for it, one of her as a child, which you can see on the open right door, and a famous image of her in her flightsuit in the middle. The art show was the 22nd of March but I still don't know if it sold because they were so bloody disorganized. Lily and Sue came with me to the event and Lily was great. I had to carry her around and it was totally mobbed and hot and there was nowhere to sit so we didn't stay long. I hate how my hair looks. I can't get it to behave. I'm not using this perm person again, she f-ed it up last time, too. I just can't get it to do anything. As soon as it dries I look like I haven't combed it for a week. I can call it Avant Garde but really it just looks like crap.