Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ah, the Romance

Ha! When you are married, have a dog and a baby, it's not about the romance anymore, it's about the humor. For instance: I got this wonderful room scent stuff from my sister Kath for my birthday, it's a bottle of oil with a honeysuckle scent, and these bamboo sticks, and you put the sticks in the oil and just let it sit out and makes the room smell very pleasant. It's supposed to be for travel so you have a nice aroma in your hotel room, or I guess the guest bedroom you stay in. Ah. Well, I broke it out the other night in desperation because Cocoa (the dog) had been very naughty that morning and gotten into a bunch of trash and eaten some garbage, and so for the next two days she had the farts from hell. I mean, one toot and she could fell a boatload of rats. And she sleeps on the bed with us! What was I to do? So I broke out the nice oil and it saved me. No candle flame to worry over, just insert stick in oil and let it waft, and overpower the hellish gassy emanations from bad dogbutt.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I Rule!

Oh joy! I found out this week that I've lost at least 10 pounds since last August. I wasn't even paying attention, because you know, I'm BUSY taking care of a baby. But evidently those 14-lb. curls (Lily's current weight) and of course, the energy-sucking activity of producing breast milk, have taken a happy turn and made me lose weight! It sure ain't like I'm going to the gym or anything. Here I am back in my favorite Eddie Bauer jeans, size 14, just put 'em on today and they fit, by golly! This is exciting. I can't get these kind of jeans anymore, because stoopid Eddie changed all their jeans and they have different cuts now. So I'm thrilled to have my favorite pants back. This may sound like no biggie to you out there who have never lost your waist to pregnancy and slowly grown out of every pair of pants you have, but those mommies out there know 'zackly what I'm talkin' about. I actually weigh less now than I have in several years, so I'm even lower than my pre-pregnancy weight. Let's hear it for the baby diet!! Hip hip (yes, I have hips again, too) hooray!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Sleeping Through the Night!!

For the last two weeks or so, Miss Lily has been sleeping through the night. Mostly. Sometimes she cries in the middle of the night and John gets up and gives her the binky and holds her for a little while, but we don't feed her. The best nights are when she goes to sleep about 10pm and doesn't wake up until 5 or 6 the next morning. It's sooooo much easier to sleep now. And I thought it would be awful to have her in the other room, but it's been okay, and she seems to be doing fine with it.

Lily and Kieran: Buddies

Here's Carrie Kennedy's son Kieran being so sweet to Lily on her visit over to see Kieran's new brother Kyle--he's sharing his toys, giving her a rattle to play with. He is a little dear. Lily is sitting in a Bumpo chair, which looks really fun, but the school/developmental people say not to get one, that she needs to learn to sit up on her own. It's hard, cuz I wanna help her sit up, but I guess it's better she develops her muscles so she won't fall over. I hope she can do it soon.
She's rolling over on her tummy and back really well, and holding her head up great. And she's starting to figure out how to propel herself forward, but hasn't quite gotten that down yet. Like she'll be on her tummy and lay her head down and then lift her little butt up in the air, but she hasn't figured out how to coordinate the other parts of her little body to make it work to go forward. It's hard, I wanna just help her, but I know she has to figure it out on her own. I dreamt this morning that she suddenly figured it out and was racing around the house on all fours, crawling like a champ.
She has solved one problem she has having: getting stuck in the corner of the playmat. She would roll over and bump into one of the corners where the overhanging bars attach to the mat, and get all frustrated cuz she couldn't go any further. But today I noticed that she's figured out how to lift her legs up and go around the corner post. And I feel so proud! I go "Hey, you're smart! Hey, little cutie, little smartie! You're doing great!" And she smiles. Which is so fun. You know how sometimes you're having a poo-poo day and then some stranger is friendly and smiles at you for no reason and you suddenly feel lifted up, like suddenly the world doesn't suck anymore? Well, multiply that feeling by about 100 when your baby smiles at you. :)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Good Little Traveler

"I'm on a what?" Here's Lily on the plane on our way to Seattle before Xmas. She was a super little traveler, she didn't get fussy at all and had no problem with take-off and landing. She got the window seat in our row, because her car seat kind of blocks the row, so at first we had her between us but then the flight attendant said she had to have the window seat. In this picture she's awake and curious in the middle of the flight, just looking around. We fed her on both take-off and landing and she had no ear problems. Hooray! She slept through a really neato sunset that we watched over her sleepy head.

There were several other babies on the flight, so we didn't really stand out. Right in front of us was a 2-monther and further up was a 1-month old, which just seemed way too early to me to bring baby on a plane. So when the other babies were crying, John and I discussed how now that we had a baby of our own (even though she wasn't crying), the noise didn't bother us. I guess we're more sympathetic now. And maybe we were having fun secretly gloating that our baby was happy and not crying.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

I look like a little baker in my hat

doesn't she? I think so. I'm ready for the doughnuts, baby.

So I haven't written much lately. We were gone for Christmas, which was really nice, spending it with my family, which I haven't been able to do in years, and this was Lily's first Christmas so it was very special. Then we came back home and it's crappy weather here, not just cold, but getting over freezing and melting and refreezing, kind of like my most unfavorite month here, March. I'd rather it was 0 degrees right now than 40. It's hard getting out with Lily on my own, although John seems to do it pretty well when he takes her somewhere by himself. Maybe it's just because I'm getting a cold that everything feels like so much effort right now. I know I've been holing (is that a word?) up in the house too much lately, that I need to get out more or depression will suck me down, especially in these dark winter months. But now I'm sick so I have to stay home and rest. Blah.

Today John went over to see Carrie K. and her new baby Kyle who was born right before we left on vacation, so he's a month old already and I haven't been over to see her or him. She is such a good friend, she says she's coming over to see me soon.

Maybe it's the pumping, too. Just a few days ago I was telling John that I'm proud of myself for making it this far--almost 7 months--with the breast milk, that I really didn't know at the beginning if I could make it to 6 months. So I've done well. But when do I get to stop? It's something to start considering, I think. I'll talk to the doctor at Lily's next appointment and see what she thinks. I'm sure the lactation consultants would have me go for three years if they had their way!! But pumping the breast milk is another thing that makes it hard to go out and do anything for several hours, because I get uncomfortable (i.e., pain) if I don't pump regularly. It's one thing to sleep overnight and not pump for 8 hours, but if I'm awake and do that, it really hurts! So I try to do it every 4 or 5 hours, and when I want to go out and do something, I have to time it just right unless I want to bring the pump with me, which I can do but don't really want to when I'm by myself or just with Lily. So it's something I'm always conscious of, my breasts and how full they're getting. I haven't really breastfed Lily in a while, the bottles are just easier. Which I'm fine with, but I'm still pumping. It's so unromantic, so unglamorous, and my whole body just gets so worn out from the constant milking. Am I allowed to say this? I don't want John even touching me after I've pumped (or before) because I'm so sore. Which sucks. Haha I guess that was sort of a pun. Yeah, don't make me explain it or I'll have to slap you. Mommy crabby.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Shut Up

It really annoys me when people say things like "Just wait until she starts walking, then you'll be sorry." No, I won't. I love my baby and I take great joy in every new change, in her growing and learning and changing. I mean, yeah, I will probably be annoyed at times when she starts walking and gets into mischief, but I'm not going to be "sorry." Sorry for what? That we taught her to walk? That she can't fly? Just shut up and let me enjoy my baby.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Baby's Blues

Wow, look at those blue eyes. Aren't they just bee-yootiful??

Truly Happy New Year

I've never much liked New Year's Eve as a holiday. The last 8 or 9 years especially, it's just been a painful reminder of another year passed and no baby for us. But this year it's different! This year we are blessed with Lily and we have so much to be grateful for and so much to look forward to in this new year with our new joyful baby Lily. Hooray New Year!