Sunday, June 5, 2011

And Then, A Pony Ride!

No, really!  Actually I think it was a regular horse, just short.  But it was so fun!  At the same festival, just across the ball field from the stage where they did their ballet performance.  Cool!  It was very well organized, too.  And sweet.  There were two horses, so two lines, and when we got up to the front of the line, before the kid got on the horse of their choice, they got to put a carrot in a bucket and hold it up for the horse to eat!  Lily wasn't afraid at all, which I thought was so wonderful.

Man, I look fat in these pictures.  In my mind I weigh as much as the horse handler.

Lily held onto the horn at first like they told her to, but then she just relaxed her hands and went with it.  I think she was very comfortable.

When I asked her later if she liked riding in the saddle, she said no, that she wanted to ride on the horse's fur.  Aw.  Maybe one day.


Sharon Parker said...

I think Nora will tell you that the definition of a pony is a short horse. So, yeah, it's a pony. I also think she started out something like this, so who knows, Lily might turn into a horse girl like Nora.

Parabolic Muse said...

Holy MOly! That's so exciting!! She got to ride on a horse, and what a sweet horse!
I didn't get a ride a horse until I was 30. HA

Somali Moon said...

Since Lily has now ridden on a horse's fur, I asked her which she liked better. She said a saddle because she didn't slip so much.