Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick-or-Treat Time

Ready to go trick-or-treatin'

See, there's our pumpkins (and our cool Snoopy flag)

Here's our windows. Lily picked the Mickey Mouse decoration out at the store, and the bright orange one below that is fake, but the "Oh"-faced pumpkin is mine.  In the next window, you can see the monkey-faced pumpkin with the big mouth and little eyes, and next to it is a plastic one that has clown hair, which you can't see very well here.  But imagine it's funny.

Here's the third pumpkin, Lily's scary face one.  And next to it, an open flame.  We like to have fires burning in the house...okay, it's a fake flame in a witchy cauldron.  But it looks pretty real!

Happy Halloween!

Space Ghost, Puppy, and Pirate!  This is from a week ago, when we went to a Halloween game party.  Lily won first prize in her age group, a jar of homemade pear raspberry jam.  I won in my category, too!  I got a jar of brandied pears, yum!  And even better, the adulation of everyone there (the judging was by clapping). 

Dad and Lily carving pumpkins today.

Working on the monkey-face pumpkin.

The Persistence of Ice Packs

I use them almost every day on my head.  And Lily notices.  Sometimes she even gets one for me.  Last night I was lying on the couch with one and she was playing with John, when he put a pillow they were playing with on his forehead.

"No, that's not like a ice pack!" Lily said to him, indignantly. 

We both burst out laughing, to which she said, "No! Don't laugh!  It's not funny, it's sad!"

Which only made us laugh harder.  She finally started laughing with us, because she likes to laugh, but boy, was she ever adamant in her views.  Funny and sad are the most popular emotions with her right now.  Of course, she is mad a lot as well, but she mostly notices mad only when we are mad at her.

We think she might be going through a growth spurt latley, as she has been Miss CrankyPants at a moment's notice, and cries a lot when she doesn't get her way.  It seems to come out of nowhere most of the time, like you put her blanket on wrong, and in the past when she's been like this, it's been a growth spurt.  Of course, you don't really know if it's a brain spurt or a body spurt, but they both seem to have the same effect.

Friday, October 29, 2010


"I'm squeezing my neck so I can burp."

Ah.  Of course you are. 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Channeling Bob Fosse?

Okay, I know it's been forever since I posted here.  And I need to catch up with pictures, yadda yadda.  How about not?  How about if I just start from where I am?  Yeah, let's.

So, Lily's favorite thing to say lately, for no apparent reason is, "Then four, then five, then six, then seven..."  It's so cute, it's like she's dancing, or directing someone dancing.  She does like to dance, and to do this one pose where she's leaning over with her hands on the floor, and one leg up in the air.  "Look what I can do!" she'll say.

She's really enjoying preschool and seems to be making friends.  She's starting to remember the other kids' names.  She goes twice a week in the morning from 9-1:30pm. 

Tonight her preschool is doing a "Lantern Walk" around the lake that's by the school.  Each child made a lantern out of paper mache and a long tree branch.  They're really beautiful, and she's very proud of hers.  I'm impressed!  John will be going to the event with her but I won't.  Mommy guilt!!!  But I needed a book club, and the one I joined just happens to meet tonight, so I'll miss a school event!  Oh, the horror!  But I NEED it.  It's hard to balance Lily's needs with mine.