Monday, November 22, 2010

Pink and Purple Foxes

Lately we've started telling stories to each other. It started one day when Lily was playing with a little Xmas ornament I made that looks like a book but folds out into a 3-dimensional star.  She said there were stories in it and I should read them to her.  So I started making up stories and she loved it! 

I suddenly felt like a real writer.  I have those moments, when I finish a piece of writing I am really proud of, and I feel like my membership has been renewed in the club of writers.  But this was even better.  I was improvising, just winging it.  Like a musician jamming.  Which I never ever did when I was a percussionist (drummer).  I just wasn't capable of it.  But here I was, making up a story about Lily and how she went for a walk in the woods and met a bunny and a doggie and they had many adventures.  And, OMG, the look of utter delight on her face!  Her whole body perked up, like a flower opening in sunlight.

And then she started breaking in and telling me what happened next! I love it!  She's really got a good imagination.  I guess I'm not rotting her brain with an hour of PBS a day...Today she told me a story about her and her 3 foxes, a purple boy fox named Beejee, who wears a pink collar, a pink girl fox named Ada, who wears a purple collar, and a Grandpa fox who is red, named Lightning McQueen.  The foxes live in a cave in the woods.  They eat dogs and baby foxes and leaves and acorns.  (Hey, nature is not pretty.)  It was amazing. 

She also has two dogs in her adventures, one named Froujou and one named Vegetable.

Oh my God, I just love this stuff.  Three is an amazing age.  She is an amazing child.