Monday, March 16, 2009

la la la

One of the things I love about a Mom is the opportunity for general silliness at any moment. We wer are trying to get Lily to nap and she was sticking her big toe in her mouth! First we said "No, no, don't eat that!" but then of course we wanted her to do it again for the camera.
I also love singing all the time. You can pretty much make up any song for any occasion. I love singing to her. I like singing anyway, but it's wonderful that she likes me to sing to her. And John sings to her all the time, too. He does different silly songs, like ending every nursery rhyme with "threw it out the window!" That one is pretty silly.
And how she smushes her face into mine when she sort of wakes up but just want more snuggle to get back to sleep. She doesn't just curl into a little space under your arm, she sort of plows over your face with hers and turns around until she likes her position. It's very funny.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Silly Rabbit

Lily was sticking her big toe in her mouth here but wouldn't do it for the camera so Daddy was teasing her. She's a giggle monster. This was part of attempted nap time.

No Nappy No Happy

No, it wasn't just that. But I do feel like crap in this picture. The orange thread is my earplugs, they're attached to each other like mittens. I think I got them at the State Fair. Today I finally bought some new ones at Walgreen's. And really, all that matters in this picture is that my hair looks good. I got a haircut last week and damn it looks good.

The Day Without a Nap

It was a very long day. Sunday. We spent probably a total of 4 hours at different times trying to get this little cute booger to nap and she just wouldn't do it. Part of the problem is that she does have another virus, dag nabbit! And she coughs when she lies down. Which makes it hard to sleep. Then you add stubbornness. I asked her who she got her stubbornness from and she very clearly said, "Daddy." He stubbornly denies this to be the case.

So today I have a headache for various reasons, one of which was that I went to see my headache doctor and had to sit 40 minutes in the waiting room. I forgot to bring my earplugs. I have been using them more lately as a coping mechanism and I could have really used them in that office. There was a small child there who didn't want to be there and he repeatedly yelled at his mother, "I wanna go home!" Turns out he was the patient being seen. The mother was a saint. She never rasied her voice to him, just gave him other options, and soon got him playing a game. She also had a small baby with her, so she really had a handful. I, on the other hand, had Nora at home taking care of Lily, while I sat waiting for my appt. I was trying to read a book but the book is boring and I don't know why I don't just stop reading it except I want to see the movie because Brendan Fraser is in it and so it must be good...but anyway it was too hard to read with a headache because it messes up my vision.

I'm a barrel of laughs, today, huh? I think I have peri-menopause. My GP doesn't think so yet but I think she'll change her mind soon. I am having wacked out periods and PMS, like RIGHT NOW for instance, I am so crabby and my head hurts really a very lot and I'm exhausted...

Lily said a new word this morning: Cheese. But she says it really fast: chees. No time for the silent e. She loves to eat shredded cheese.

So not only is her nose still running, but this afternoon she got diarrhea. AAaaaaaaah!! Kill me now! I'll never get out of the house before Spring! Have I mentioned yet how much I hate March? In Minnesota? It would be different if I were in Kauai, Hawaii, or San Diego, California, but here? It stinks. It's icy. I fell today. It hurt. Everything is brown. It's the second snowiest month which is a big waste because no one wants snow anymore by this time. It's lost its charm. Go away, March.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Done with Fevers

Oh, yeah, I forgot to say I think we're done with the fevers now. And viruses. She only has a little cough and a little bit-o-snot left. Hoorah! So we got to go to our last ECFE Toddlers class yesterday, which she was very happy about. I didn't take her when she was sick. Of course, some people did, I found out. One kid was puking with the flu last week and although he's stopped puking, he still has diarrhea. And Mom brought him to class anyway! I was told by the doctor at Children's Clinic that as long as they have diarrhea they are still highly contagious.

Grrrr. Then last night my throat started hurting again like I could barely swallow, and I couldn't talk without coughing. He probably cootied me, the brat. Actually he was a brat. He's going through the "mine" phase, or should I say "everything is mine"? Lily is very sharing, and she went to give him a toy and he looked at her all mad and swiped it out her hand. She ran back to me and I gave her a hug. Brute.

Snowsuit on the Swing

Today it got up to 42 degrees. So it was all melty outside. And while not exactly warm, for Minnesota in March, you can't pass that up, you have to go outside. So I took Lily in her stroller, suited up in her snowboots and suit, to play on the swings. Well, it wasn't pretty. She ended up having a good time, but what a struggle it was for me!

They haven't plowed the parking lot in the park yet, or the inner trail close to the playground. So I had to leave the stroller and pick her up and slog through some deep snow to get to those darn swings. I was not giving up. Of course, I didn't wear my snow boots. So my feet got cold and a bit wet.

And when I put her in the baby swing, it was hard to push her booted feet through the leg holes. Then when I went to take her out of the swing, it was like she was vacuum-packed into it in the puffy snowsuit. It was crazy!

So then we went to the slide, and although she wanted to climb the stairs, she couldn't lift her feet high enough, probably because of the Michelin tireman effect from the snowsuit. So I had to carry her up that, set her at the top, then I'd run around to the other end of the slide and say "Okay!" And she'd push off and come all the way down, slowly stopping at the bottom. Just the right speed. I think we did that about ten times. She liked it.

She has suddenly become aware of airplanes and was pointing in the sky a lot while we were at the park because she kept hearing them. But there was a cloud cover so she couldn't see them. Then she heard this construction vehicle making that beeping sound they make, and she became obsessed with it. She wanted to see what was making the noise and go follow it. We had heard another from inside the house that morning and it just wasn't satisfying for her when I said, "Yes, I hear the 'beep beep beep,' it's a truck outside." Lucky for us the truck came near the swings, so she did get to see it. It was a scoopy thing, I can't remember what those are called. And it looked like the guy was using the scoop to flatten the snow on the trail, as opposed to actually shoveling it or using a trail snowplow on it.